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PR database software for Charity PRs

Find the key journalists and publications writing about your cause. Along with exclusive insight into how and when to pitch to journalists in the charity sector.


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Take Charity PR Digital

Roxhill gives you all the digital PR tools needed to build strong relationships with journalists. Our PR software offers in depth analysis of each journalist’s content, coverage and recent headlines. Helping you quickly find and create intelligent media lists of relevant journalists, writing about your charity. Giving your press releases the inside line to secure the coverage you need.

PR Insights for Charities and Non-Profit Organisations

Skip the introductions and cut to the chase. Want to know the best time to pitch, how to contact your journalists and other exclusive tips to getting a feature? Roxhill’s experienced ex PR’s through online webinars have interviewed, recorded and taken notes on the leading journalists in the Charity Sector. So, you can just sit back, watch the videos or read the summarys if you don’t have time.


Charity Public Relations and Roxhill

Roxhill gives you the data, insight and knowhow to spend more time focussing on journalists that are going to raise awareness for your cause. Discover how Roxhill can help you access and influence policy makers through a precise, targeted, PR strategy.

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All non-profit organisation PRs need a reliable contact in the media. Whether you are raising awareness for your good cause or trying to tell the world about your charity’s achievements, building meaningful relationships can take you far. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is the practice of ensuring working environments are fully inclusive for every employee, allowing them to feel safe irrespective of their background, their needs or their differences.

Client reviews

Client review

We all love Roxhill. It’s so much easier to navigate than Gorkana. It feels more modern and up to date. Everyone’s very happy that we switched it up and moved over.

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