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The Best Beauty, Fashion & Travel Writers of 2019

Discover the best-kept industry secrets to landing a successful pitch.

We’ve interviewed over 27 top lifestyle journalists across leading glossies to find the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

For the answers, download our guide – Roxhill: Top Tips for lifestyle PRs and find out how to make sure journalists pick your story.

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Hear from leading journalists, so you know what to focus on and what to avoid.

Our top tips for Lifestyle PRs eBook will help you to peek into the minds of the best Beauty, Fashion & Trravel writers, so you’ll know how to best navigate your pitches and land that all-important coverage.

Hear from Kate Finnigan, Olivia Lidbury, Samuel Musto, Alice Newbold, Lucy Halfhead, and more.

A PR's Essential Checklist for Pitching

We talk to journalists every day to find out how PRs can stand out.

The basics

Get the journalist’s name right: simple but crucial.

Subject lines should be a description of what you are about to pitch. Make it short, strong and relevant. An enticing headline will be the difference between a journalist deleting or opening your email.

What Makes a Good Image

The images you send to journalists are meant to strengthen your pitch. They need to be smart, savvy images that will create a good first impression and help to tell a story.

High-resolution images are essential

Receiving images in a state ready for print is extremely helpful for the journalist you’re pitching to. Should your pitch be successful, the journalist won’t have to chase you for another version of the same image.

Roxhill gives you everything you need to target the right journalists, fast.

If you are trying to engage with key journalists, editors or influencers at the UK national glossy supplements, Roxhill’s topic-led media database will give you the insight you need to PR your stories with greater ease, accuracy and efficiency.

If you want your stories to really stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the right journalists, at the right time, sign up for a free trial today.

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