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End-User Licence Agreement

Welcome to Roxhill Media

Roxhill’s purpose is to help you develop long-lasting relationships with relevant journalists.

Our experience of working as PRs and with journalists means we know that access to our Media Database, in combination with our additional services, will improve the service you offer as a PR. The combination of the Media Database and the additional services is together know as the “Roxhill Platform”.

1. Acceptance

You accept the Terms of this End-User License Agreement by continuing to use the Roxhill Platform.

2. Your Licence

Your licence entitles you, as the end-user, unlimited access to the Media Database and appropriate use of the additional services. The additional services are provided on a reasonable usage basis and are currently free of charge. As agreed by your organisation in the Terms of Service, sharing your log-in to the Roxhill Platform is not allowed under any circumstances.

Roxhill collects and analyses log-in information. If we detect what we think is unusual activity, we will get in touch and highlight our concerns. In the first instance, we may reset passwords. If the activity persists without a satisfactory explanation, this will be deemed to be a breach of the Terms of Service.

3. Targeting journalists

The Media Database contains up-to-date details on tens of thousands of journalists and outlets. Roxhill researches and independently verifies all the data on the site:

  • To ensure that the details displayed are as up-to-date and accurate as possible
  • To ensure that you can easily identify relevant journalists with which to build relationships
  • To protect privacy by making sure data is processed in line with current legal principles

Roxhill collects, manages, stores and deletes journalist data on the lawful basis of ‘legitimate interest’. This means that as long as you behave responsibly and within the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) framework, you do not need to seek permission to hold or use that data, which is personal to each journalist.

Roxhill takes GDPR responsibilities seriously and asks you to do the same. If we do not, journalists ask for their details to be removed from the Roxhill Platform, which reduces its value to you and others in the PR industry. We both have responsibilities to approach journalists in the correct manner.

When using data from the Roxhill Platform in any way – for example through the creation and use of media lists – you become a data controller, as defined by GDPR, and become legally responsible for your usage of that data. You must ensure that you only engage with journalists who are relevant to your communication. If you ‘spam’ journalists with irrelevant content they have a right to be removed from any further correspondence. They can also report you and Roxhill to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) who in turn may investigate and can impose significant fines.

More information on managing your contacts within the GDPR framework can be found in the Roxhill Media GDPR User guide. The tools in the Roxhill Platform that will allow you to manage each journalist’s GDPR status are explained in the short article How to manage your contacts’ GDPR status.

4. Lists and removing journalists

You have a responsibility to ensure that the journalist you select and add to your lists on the Roxhill Platform are deemed relevant under the GDPR lawful basis of legitimate interest. Before using Roxhill’s list building tools, you must have read Roxhill’s guide How to build a media contact list on Roxhill.

When building lists you undertake that:

4.1 You will keep your lists as short as is necessary and that at all times they will only contain journalists relevant to a particular campaign and if asked you will justify each name on your list

4.2 You will follow the ‘All Journo Moves’ emails and delete irrelevant journalists from your lists

4.3 You are responsible for the timely actioning of any request to be removed from any of your lists

4.4 You are responsible for the timely response to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), i.e. when a journalist may directly ask you about what information you hold on them.

4.5 Roxhill may through the Roxhill Platform automatically perform the following:

  1. Flag (via a red asterisk) any change in journalist beat or outlet, indicating to you to remove that journalist from that list unless they remain relevant to that list in their new role
  2. Delete any list folder that remains empty for more than 3 months after its creation

iii. Delete all your lists if your subscription to the Media Database terminates

4.6 If you are asked by a third party to share information sourced from the Roxhill Platform, you will only share information that is relevant to that third party and you will oblige that third party to state in writing that they will not pass any information on to any further party

4.7 The underlying data that populates lists is, and remains at all times, Roxhill’s intellectual property (as detailed in the Terms of Service). If Roxhill sees unusual down-loading of lists, it will enquire further and may suspend or delete lists.

5. Distribution Service

This additional service is designed to enable you to send press releases to carefully selected journalists with whom you have, or wish to have, a productive relationship. By using the distribution functionality, you have a responsibility to ensure that your campaigns are relevant to all recipients. This is explained in Roxhill’s comprehensive guide How to distribute your press releases.

In using the Distribution service you undertake that:

5.1 The “From” and “Reply-To” addresses you use in your press releases will identify you and your organisation (email addresses such as Googlemail/Hotmail/iCloud/Live are not allowed)

5.2 The subject line and any re-direct links will be relevant to the content of the press release

5.3 The content of your press releases will be business-like, will not be misleading, will not be illegal or offensive and will be relevant to each individual recipient

5.4 Roxhill is not responsible or liable in any way for emails that cannot be delivered to an email server for any reason that is outside Roxhill’s control such as Recipient inbox full, message is too large, anti-virus protection, active firewalls. Roxhill makes every effort to ensure timely delivery of press releases to email addresses but it does not guarantee timely delivery

5.5 Roxhill is not responsible or liable in anyway for, and is under no obligation to investigate the cause of, bounce-backs on private contacts

5.6 Roxhill may monitor email style and content as well as other metrics including bounce and unsubscribe rates, as part of its obligations to email service providers, and will highlight its concerns if it thinks your distribution activity is placing your and Roxhill’s reputation at risk and ultimately reserves the right to withdraw access to this additional service at its sole discretion

5.7 If requested by Roxhill, you will authenticate your email domain via Domain Key Identified Mail (“DKIM”) to protect both you as an email sender and your intended recipients from spam, spoofing and phishing

5.8 If a journalist asks to be removed from your press campaign(s), it is your responsibility to delete them from your list(s) in a timely manner

Roxhill’s full data privacy policy can be read at Privacy Policy.

6. Roxhill service level

Roxhill has a team ready to help you use the Roxhill Platform to maximise its effectiveness and impact for both you and your organisation. A high level of customer service is integral to the Roxhill experience and in all cases we will do our best to help you as fast as possible.

6.1 Training: Roxhill will provide reasonable support and training to you and your colleagues to understand how to use most effectively all aspects of the Roxhill Platform. Training may be in person or remotely via online services. We ask that you concentrate your training requests by gathering together as large a group of colleagues as possible each time.

6.2 Help & Feedback: If you have questions concerning any journalist or outlet, the functionality of or training on the Roxhill Platform please get in contact via the ‘Help & feedback’ service. A link can be found on the homepage of the Roxhill platform. Although we cannot guarantee to do so all the time, during normal business hours we aim to respond to you within 10 minutes.

6.3 Updating existing Journalist details: We do our very best to maintain the accuracy of the Media Database. Inevitably with the volume of contacts some details may have changed since we last verified them. If you come across a profile that you think needs editing, please get in touch and Roxhill will investigate further and update as soon as possible.

6.4 Adding new Journalists and Outlets: If a journalist or outlet, who is relevant to you, is not on the Media Database and you would like them added, then let us know. We review each request individually. Where the request is clear and actionable, we will try and help. When we are not able to help – due to language barriers, copyright, geography or too big or vague a request – we will say sorry, we cannot help you. The more information and website links you provide, the easier it is for our researchers to find the information that you would like added to the database e.g.: “Can you find the Editor of The Chilean Plumber magazine?” may be achievable, whereas “Can you find me all outlets that have ever mentioned plumbing in Chile?” may be both too vague and too big a request.

We hope you enjoy using the Roxhill Platform.

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