Roxhill Breakfast: The changing face of journalism - how roles and newsrooms are evolving

Event: Roxhill Breakfast, 11 December 2019
Join us for our Roxhill Breakfast with Charlie Beckett, Federica Cocco, Alexi Mostrous and Sonali Pathirana.

Technology has had a radical impact on all aspects of the economy in the past twenty years but perhaps no sector has faced more radical change than the media. Whether online, social or the disruption of the 24 hour news cycle, the changes to how we consume our media or what we constitute to be news has altered radically. This session will go to the heart of this revolution and look at how the role of the journalist and the newsrooms they inhabit have changed. We will hear from three media organisations at the forefront of digital media, all inhabiting brand new newsrooms as well as an academic whose latest research tracks the potential impact of AI on the media landscape.

The Panel

Professor Charlie Beckett is the founding director of Polis, the London School of Economics' international journalism institute. He is the author of SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save The World (2008) and WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era (2012).

Federica Cocco is a statistics journalist at the FT. She previously covered UK politics, policy and statistics for The Times, the Daily Mirror and fact-checking organisation Full Fact.

Alexi Mostrous is Partner/Editor at Tortoise Media with a focus on business and tech investigations. Alexi was previously Saturday News Editor and Head of Investigations at The Times.

Sonali Pathirana is Bloomberg's Managing Editor for Data Driven News in Europe, Middle East and Africa, leading teams that successfully deliver a wide spectrum of this-just-in information.

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