15:1 Roxhill Meets Emily Nicolle - Meeting Notes


On the hot seat:

  • Emily Nicolle
    Tech Editor for City AM

Emily Nicolle

  • Works Sunday through to Thursday. 4pm to 1am shift.
    • Sunday for Monday stories always helpful, as Sunday is slow for news.
  • Embargoes are good (48 hours notice ideal) as it allows for planning ahead and lets newsdesk know if they have stories.
  • Email is 100% best. Rarely uses phone to receive pitches
  • Receives about 200 emails a day. Won’t reply to them all. Do resend / follow up with email if not heard back. Thereafter, don’t follow up.
    • Subject key and then 3-4 key bullet points is best. Press release below this.
  • If approaching, cc in colleagues and send 1 email. Not one to each of them.
  • Interested in meetings. Plans 1 month ahead. Lunches and afternoon coffee ok. City location ideal.

Top tips:

  • City AM = Concise, accessible, briefing product and informs on the business agenda
  • If exclusive, then great. If not, be honest. If story has appeared in print elsewhere, will not run it in paper. If appeared online only, may run it online too.
  • Very news driven. Less trends focussed.
  • Key hooks:
    1. London relevance
    2. UK relevance
  • Areas of interest include:
    • Challenger banks; £5m plus investments; Enterprise start ups with a news hook; renewable tech themes
    • Always interested in comments immediately after US tech results. Within minutes.. 6-8pm Watching developments from US news sources.
  • Other colleagues contribute to technology stories:
    • James Warrington – telecoms, media and marketing + social platform stories
    • Alexandra Rogers – autos, cars and transport stories
    • Alex Daniel – manufacturing, industry angled stories
    • Anna Menin – PE/VC investments, fintech, crypto and blockchain stories
    • OpEds and Contributing articles goes to the Features desk

Best email: news@cityam.com

  • Women tech leaders quotes and photos always of interest

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