15:1 Roxhill Meets James Hurley - Meeting Notes


On the hot seat:

  • James Hurley
    Enterprise Editor for The Times

James Hurley

  • Tuesday is best for pitching ideas.
    • Wednesday is when Saturday edition discussed.
    • Thursday when Monday edition discussed.
  • Tuesday to Saturday – news stories are key.
    • Pitch before 9.30am. Business conference at 10am
  • Saturday – looking for profile: colourful / well known CEO

Working Life / Going for Growth:

  • Monday’s Working Life / Going for Growth column
    • Interested in a broad range of topics – but be clear on why your story relevant to Times readers. Diversity of leaders is important.
    • Interested in interesting profiles and unusual products; also keen for out of London visits. Wednesday’s are best. Needs to know that an article will result from it.
  • Championing: Late payments; P2P lending; equity finance; productivity
    • Scale up stories from over £10m upwards.
    • Businesses with upto 250 employees
    • Positive / education themes / skills to help young entrepreneurs
  • Keen for more pro-Brexit voices / commentators. Also non-London voices.
    • Brexit preparedness / issues affecting business / no deal planning

Top Tips:

  • Exclusives will generate more interest / holds more sway with editor
    • Sunday Times, TMG, Daily Mail are key rivals.
    • Happy with placement strategy = Times + broadcast + trade and then a regional.
  • Emails - James has ’00,000s of emails. Subject / Headline – key.
    • Do suggest where story could fit, e.g. Monday story
    • 2-3 key bullet points – why is this newsworthy or relevant
    • Do follow up by email. Happy to be nudged. For 2-3 weeks sometimes
  • Surveys – not really interested. Research – yes interested
  • OpEds - pitch Monday/Tuesday. Must be ‘big name’ and newsworthy / opinionated.
  • Events - happy to be invited to events
  • Times CEO Summit – June.
    • Start preparing from March.
    • Panellist ideas of interest.
    • Times Small Business event. Also keen for ideas and panellists.

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