How to pitch Tatler... with Travel Editor Delilah Khomo


In the hot seat:

  • Delilah Khomo
    Travel Editor at Tatler

Delilah's Focus:

  • Responsible for all online and print travel content, also oversees the travel guide.
  • Delilah likes coffee and breakfast meetings as more interaction. She also likes phone calls!
  • The Bar and a breakfast are the two indicators Delilah looks for in a hotel, says a lot about the property.


  • Demographic: high spender across fashion, beauty, travel, bars and jewellery
  • Travel story feature currently a year’s lead time
  • Plan ahead as minimum three-month lead time for shorter non feature led stories
  • The November issue has a cruise section this year.
  • There will be a big “Best of Britain” celebration focus next year post-Brexit and a commitment to not fly so much. Staying closer to home and exploring stories will all be popular
  • 2020 trends Delilah predicts will be popular are: wellness travel, “check in to check out”, CBD spas, time warp travel
  • Europe makes up 60% of the Travel guide – France has made a comeback this year
  • New Guide 2020: Villas, private rental, and learning travel will all be focusses for next year
  • New Guide 2020: she envisages there will be a restaurant guide
  • Design stories work well but needs to be a renowned designer

Pitching Top Tips:

  • Be open from the beginning about coverage
  • Does not Instagram from personal account
  • Likes email pitches, make it exclusive, take care over it with personalisation, tell her why it is for Tatler and why you are making her aware of it
  • All emails are filed, and she loves a strong theme when pitching
  • Trends for 2020: include design, wellness, Time-warp travel / historical experiences, educational or learn a skill themes, transformative travel, food and drink (menus) and redesign
  • Angles for older properties with not a lot of news include tapping into the history, working out what it is good at and what the theme is
  • Food is a massive part of travel and the food should correlate with the hotel – culinary experiences are important
  • When on press trips she likes to meet with the Chief Bar man/lady and Concierge as well as the General Manager. They have great stories to tell and it’s easier to find out things from them, helps providing details
  • Delilah doesn’t mind group press trips but wants to know who is going at the outset so that stories don’t get doubled up
  • Christmas travel related stories are more online rather than print
  • Hotel pitches: think design, geographical location, impact on community, local features, wellness, historical stories, what doing that is new – eg art, gardens, design etc
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