Pitching tips from leading travel writer Juliet Kinsman


In the hot seat:

  • Juliet Kinsman
    Founding Editor of Mr and Mrs Smith and Sustainability Writer

Juliet's Focus:

  • Juliet has been a journalist for 25 years and set up Mr and Mrs Smith due to her passion for celebrating hotels. She is one the industry’s leading and respected travel writers
  • Juliet writes mainly on sustainability issues and has recently contributed to The Daily Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveller US
  • Juliet created Bouteco, a hotel consultancy, as she wanted to celebrate hotels that she loves and would recommend

Pitching Top Tips:

  • Juliet supports all things sustainable and believes hotels and the press releases they deliver should focus on:
    • The local community and how they play a role in the hotel and the local infrastructure
    • She wants to hear the deeper, human stories behind sustainability
    • The human stories within a hotel eg the education of women in rural areas
    • The social, environmental and economical sustainability
    • The circular economy and supply chain
    • Long-term sustainability and social enterprise
  • Future trends include hospitality that shows kindness to people (‘filoxenia’), “green washing”, and ‘edutainment’
  • Juliet advises when pitching to “tell not sell.” Better to spark a feeling of emotion and to entertain and inform – have distinct and human voice and don’t preach
    • Juliet says make sure that what you are saying has hope and optimism
  • It is all about the subject header, make it strong and about what you are pitching
    • Keep it quick and succinct with a strong subject line and bullet points
    • Juliet likes a clear email and no attachments!
    • No WeTransfer, only Dropbox when sending photos
    • Files every email as looks back
  • Juliet loves to meet people, but it has to be about 5 different potential stories otherwise it takes up to much time from her day

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