In the hot seat - Anna Ward, News Editor at Estates Gazette


In the hot seat:

  • Anna Ward
    News Editor at Estates Gazette

Anna's Week:

  • The week begins on a Friday
    • Thursday: press day - deadline is 4pm
    • Friday: Digital edition goes live at 6am
    • Saturday: Magazine comes out
  • Friday / Monday are the best days for pitching stories
    • Team meeting at 4pm every Friday where Analysis section (20 pages) and News section (4 pages) discussed. Plus daily news meetings at 9am Monday-Thursday.
    • Good day for meetings too. First thing in the morning and circa 4pm also good times for meetings as saves us breaking up the day. So breakfasts and coffees mainly.
  • Monday to Wednesday - team meeting at 9am
    • Best to pitch afternoon before if want to lobby for story at 9am meeting. On pitching – they really only look at the bigger/timely stories. So deals say around £20m will be a harder sell and the PR will need a really convincing reason – if there isn’t one it isn’t worth pitching at all.
    • EG also really appreciates it when PRs work with them on stories, whether that’s giving them an exclusive report with interesting data they can use for the magazine, or a major industry story they give to EG exclusively under embargo with an interview with someone senior.
    • The more time they have and the more insight they get on an interesting story the more prominence they can give it in the magazine.
  • Daily digital editions go live:
    • 7am and 4pm
    • Embargoes help plan the schedule
  • Special Reports / Features - views/suggestions on major property trends they should investigate or areas that would work for features would also be useful. This rarely happens so would be appreciated.

Themes interested in:

  • Deals, moves, companies responding to market dynamics, retail space, and trends across property. Mental health survey and focus too.

Audience and Focus:

  • Investors; Occupiers; Agents; Developers; Valuers; Lawyers* Only for adding context/technical details. Plus while we talk to agents they are interested in building their contacts more on the occupier/developer/investors side as they are more difficult to meet.
  • Sectors:
    • Offices, retail and leisure; industrial, residential
  • Regions
    • 12 across UK and global
  • Technology
    • Sustainability
    • Future leaders
    • Legal
    • Radius Data exchange

Top Tips:

  • Get about 40 releases a day
  • If interested will come back – but do gently follow up the next day if not heard back
  • Exclusives are important vs out trade peers and the nationals

Key Team members:

  • Editor in Chief - Damian Wild
  • Editor - Samantha McClary
  • Deputy Editor - Tim Burke (Analysis section for magazine)
  • News Editor - Anna Ward (Sustainability, policy, the South East and Ireland)
  • Tech Editor - Emily Wright (Supplements)
  • London Editor - Louise Dransfield (London and Offices market)
  • Professional and Legal Editor - Sarah Jackman
    • Jess Harold - Deputy and writes the diary
  • Senior Reporter - Pui-Guan Man (Retail, leisure, hotels, logistics, student accomodation, Scotland)
  • Residential Reporter - Emma Rosser (Residential)
  • Reporter - Lucy Anderson (Property technology, international markets, talent/women in business, and the north of England)
  • Head of Research - James Child (Retail and Industrials)
  • Senior Analyst - Graham Shone (Writes Property in Numbers blog and edits quarterly London Office Market Analysis - LOMA)
  • Question Time - Events Team

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