A week at the Financial Times with Lucy Warwick-Ching


In the hot seat:

  • Lucy Warwick-Ching
    Digital and Communities Editor at the Financial Times

Lucy's week:

  • Interacting with readers regularly and reviewing the comments and article stats.
  • Works Tuesday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.
  • Tuesday is the best day to pitch. Also for 30 min meetings at Bracken House and lunches.
  • Wednesday busy with podcast preparation.

Columns / Videos / Podcas / FT Money:

  • Video: Money Spinners - 5 minute educational video, 3 questions and fun props. Claer Barrett host.
  • Family Money column - tries to write it once a month.
  • FT Wealth magazine column - niche ideas that wealthy people are doing
  • 'Your Questions' column
    • Tuesday online / Saturday's FT Money section
  • Weekly FT Money show Podcast: Claer Barrett, produced by Lucy Warwick-Ching
    • Recorded Wednesday 11am. Produced every Thursday at 6am.
    • Ideas: focus the content on an article we have written that week / main cover piece and who tehy have interviewd. 1-3 voices join the podcast.
    • Looking to organise a week in advance.
    • 130,000 downloads across FT podcasts a week. FT Money c.40,000
  • FT Money print deadline is c. 4pm on a Friday. Much of the weekly online content is picked up into the print Saturday edition / or write up a different slant to the original online piece plus original articles commissioned.
    • Thursday have a good grasp of what will appear in Saturday's print section. Don't pitch for print edition on Friday.

Top Tips:

  • Doesn’t answer the phone as often as before due simply to time.
  • Email – Gets masses. Subject and 3 bullet points / top line. Make it ‘catchy’. Do ask if your topic of interest is something that FT Money would cover.
  • Quotes policy: On the record. No quote checking.
  • Surveys: 1,000 surveyed. HNW could be less.
  • No weekly team meeting.
  • Audience: Younger audience online – 30-50 yrs; Print edition older.
  • Interested in:
    • Currently no Investment correspondent and so interested in pitches concerning investment ideas.
    • Family money / issues; Approaching retirement ideas; social care; sandwich generation;
    • Case studies – willing to be quoted and photographed
    • Meeting specialists, advisers and those with interesting ideas

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