The Sunday Times Business Team with Emma Dunkley, Banking Correspondent


In the hot seat:

  • Emma Dunkley
    Banking COrrespondent at The Sunday Times

Emma's week:

  • Beats: banking and financial services but also interested in diverse financial subjects.
    • Smaller companies with well known brands are of interest (eg Monzo, Starling).
    • If smaller company raised funds or backed by well known City figure / credibility.
  • Focus is very much on finding scoops, exclusives on M&A or corporate stories, high profile interviews, price sensitive stories and hard hitting editorial.
  • Aim is to write one leading feature per week (800-1,200 words), written up on Thursday.
    • Needs depth, colour, humanization, anecdotes and details on the individuals.
  • Meetings: Tuesday and Wednesday - best time for meetings, breakfasts / lunches.
  • Thursday: Writing up feature piece / interviews etc.
  • Friday: News list suggestions submitted - 6 or 7 news stories/ scoops. Busiest day.
  • Very happy to receive press releases/ emails as long as PR understands that unlikely lead to coverage as not a scoop or exclusive /or been covered during the week.

Sunday Times Business Team:

  • Monday – day off
  • Tuesday 10am Team meeting. Feature ideas pitched. Post-match analysis of the previous weekend.
  • The perfect feature is something about to happen, people are talking about it but not hit the mainstream press and involves interesting characters?
  • Thursday: Team meeting + writing up feature piece / interviews etc
  • Friday: News list suggestions need to be in. 6-7 news stories/ scoops each submitted. Chase news as it has to be as fresh as possible.
  • Saturdays are devoted to writing up the news pieces and filling in on ones that have fallen over.
  • Saturday: Late duty reporter can follow up on anything breaking until midnight - copy deadlines at 10pm and midnight.

Top Tips:

  • Team can produce over 30 articles per supplement.
  • Stories need to be a scoop or an exclusive. A new angle or completely fresh story
  • Print first strategy. Saturday night, print stories get loaded up online.
  • The Interview slot - the ideal candidate is somebody who is colourful, runs a big business and is topical. Pipeline of interviews ready. Keen on female interviews.
  • UK focussed however finance is global. UK angle will help.
  • Keen to cover the broad spectrum of opinions regarding Brexit.
  • Quotes policy: Conversation on the record. Can be flexible and check factual accuracy at the end of the conversation.
  • Surveys: If exclusive and large enough, insightful enough – possibly.

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