Helen Davies shares her insights with Lifestyle PR's


In the hot seat:

  • Helen Davies
    Property Editor at The Times and The Sunday Times

Helen's Focus:

  • Helen is newly responsible for the Sunday Times Home, covering property for the Sunday Times, the Times and Bricks and Mortar Home
  • Helen also oversees the online content – new articles are uploaded every day
  • Instead of a Christmas Gift Guide, Helen wants to propose a “treat yourself” section
  • Best place for meetings is The Times building for a quick coffee

The Times and The Sunday Times:

  • The Home Help feature on a Sunday is hugely popular
  • 64% of readership for Home is male
  • 36% of readership for Home is female
  • They find 5-8 o’clock is the best time for Instagram
    • None of the social media content is paid for and no affiliate links (although, affiliate links are something they are looking into for the future)
    • All followers are organic
  • Cover stories and stories involving people will continue to run in the Home section following the merge
  • Friday pages will be slightly redesigned so that they appeal more to “generation rent” and focus more on “retirement”
  • Exclusives are very important as are exclusive images

Top Tips:

  • Advises PRs to be specific if they are looking for The Times or The Sunday Times
    • Helen will do everything to honour this
  • High res images are essential – there is no budget to stage a photo shoot so the publications rely on PRs images
  • A high res image followed by 3 bullet points is the best way to pitch to Helen

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