Insight into ES Magazine with Dipal Acharya


In the hot seat:

  • Dipal Acharya
    Arts and Entertainment Director at ES Magazine

Dipal's Focus:

  • Dipal is still on maternity leave
    • Looking to go back to work early 2020
  • She loves being called at her desk – not mobile
  • Generally, hotel reviews take place at the weekend and when reviewing somewhere she doesn’t want any arranged meetings or a hotel tour
  • 1 night for reviews sometimes isn’t sufficient enough to review a property properly – PRs need to be flexible
  • She reads and files every single email – always explain why you are sending something over
  • Loves meeting for a coffee, meeting near the office mid-morning is preferred, breakfast meetings don’t work for her due to internal meetings

ES Magazine:

  • ES Magazine has an ABC1 readership
  • ES runs on Thursday and Friday so double exposure for clients
  • 3-4-month lead time for identifying stories and there are quarterly meetings to plan content and stories
  • ES Magazine production team works a week in advance. Press day is a Friday for the following week’s issue.
  • Exclusives and embargoes are important for ES Magazine. Likes 2-3 weeks space in-between an exclusive in ES and the story running in another title. ES Mag prefer a different take on a story to the story offered to other title.
  • The cover can change very quickly due to unforeseen events
  • Blanket rule that no one from ES Magazine goes on group trips
    • Staff have to take their own leave and do not want to travel with other journalists featuring the same place
  • London audience only therefore content is very focussed to this
  • Capital Gains = a page dedicated for London Events
  • ESCAPE = outside London and overseas travel
    • 3 formats for travel pages: listed guide, a round-up of 3-4 places as part of a feature on an area and a write through (full review)

    Top Tips:

    • Images are important and a select few should be kept back for ES’ exclusive use
    • Readers are not wanting to fly as much due to eco consciousness – sustainability credentials are becoming more Important to the consumer
    • People are not wanting to go far away for short periods of time so 2020 even bigger focus on the UK and Europe – travel is mainly focused on a destination, not just a hotel
    • The more exciting and surprising the pitch for a cover star the better – does not have to be high profile. Just needs to have a story.

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