Top Tips for Travel PR's from Francisca Kellett


In the hot seat:

  • Francisca Kellett
    Travel Writer and Editor (The Times Luxx Columnist)

Francisca's Focus:

  • Fran writes a regular column in The Times Luxx, a column focusing on conservation, sustainability and philanthropy
    • Also writes for FT, Telegraph, House and Garden, Luxury Magazine
  • Fran is always looking for profiles, particularly women
  • She is trying to fly a lot less to reduce carbon footprint and will no longer be doing long haul short trips
  • Monday isn’t a good day to get in touch, catch journalists via email on their commute
  • Prefers email as opposed to phone calls and don’t cold call

Top Tips:

  • She wants a quick pitch and not a press release, a press release suggests everyone has it and she wants exclusives and NEW news that hasn’t been written about before
    • Exclusives need to be kept exclusive and appear nowhere else
  • Within the pitch include a web-link and link to images
  • A strong subject line lures Fran to read the email so make it catchy and relevant
  • Do not email about a hotel that’s in a destination that’s just been featured, it couldn’t be less relevant for Fran
  • Trends for 2020: Sustainability has become very mainstream so Fran thinks there will be a lot of stories about food waste and employment rights will be bigger.
    • Huge focus on UK travel and experiences whilst travelling
    • Self-catering trend will continue to grow
  • Trying to encourage people to travel and “do good”
  • Fran will go on smaller group press trips, likes to know who is going in advance
  • Best place to meet is Green Park for a coffee
    • Wouldn’t go for long lunches or dinners as doesn’t fit in with schedule
  • Do your research before pitching, read the magazine and know where your pitch would fit
  • Low res Images sell to editors and help massively
  • Easier for things to be commissioned if you go via a freelancer writing for the publication

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