In the hot seat - Kate Palmer, Senior Money Reporter at The Times


In the hot seat:

  • Kate Palmer
    Senior Money Reporter at The Times and The Sunday Times

Kate's week:

  • The week is geared up to deliver both Saturday and Sunday Money pages.
  • Currently the team is not filing stories for the digital offering at 9am; 12pm and 5pm.
  • Monday Money Team meeting c. 11am/11.30am. Discuss ideas.
  • Monday and Tuesday best days for meetings.
    • Breakfast / coffee best near Times HQ around London Bridge.
    • Friday afternoon’s after 3pm also a good time to meet if filed stories
    • Does 2-3 per week. Does book 3-4 weeks in advance.
  • Wednesday deadline – copy for the lead stories filed for both weekend editions
  • Friday c. 3pm: Saturday edition filed. 6pm Sunday edition filed.

Top Tips:

  • Kate is particularly interested in:
    • Pensions equality campaign that runs in The Sunday Times
    • Inheritance / disputes over wills and probate
    • Issues affecting young adults: buying a house; engaging with their finances etc
    • Interested in tech and startups focussed on disruption/ banking new features
  • Pitching tips
    • Gets c. 100 emails a day (budget day x3. Reacting very quickly. Need help)
    • If a press release being distributed far and wide – then no calls. Just email in
      • Do customise to why relevant for Times/ST
      • Subject line: don’t type in UPPER CASE!
      • Please don’t call in to ask if you received the press release
    • If exclusive to Times/ST – then happy to chat about the story and timings
    • Do flag if release is embargoed for either Saturday or Sunday editions
    • Do highlight new slants or angles of stories/topics for future thought / stories
  • Team members can be asked to file stories for the Newsdesk with limited warning
    • Often everything put on hold re Money editions and need to file by 4pm
  • Money team are generalists and can turn their hand to any subject.
  • Having said that:
    • James Coney writes his Sunday column
    • Jessie Hewitson writes her Saturday column ‘Home Economics’
    • Mark Atherton interested in investments / Saturday Column ‘Activist Investor’
    • David Byers focussed on his Saturday Column ‘Troubleshooter’
    • Ali Hussain interested in investments, energy market, savings, fraud / scams
    • Katherine Denham recently joined. Early days
    • Kenza Byran joined from the foreign desk and interested in short term credit and consumer issues
  • Fame & Fortune column often produced by freelancers
  • Case Studies are so important. Finding someone who is comfortable speaking to the media and having a photo published is challenging. But of real value.

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