Marianne Jones, Editor in Chief of Stella Magazine, shares her top tips for PRs


In the hot seat:

  • Marianne Jones
    Editor of The Telegraph Magazine and Editor in Chief of Stella Magazine

Marianne's Week:

  • Likes to meet PRs, but coffee in the office and no longer than 30 mins
  • When meeting, likes a targeted pitch not just presenting your clients
  • Doesn’t go to events in the evening
  • Doesn’t like Dropbox or WeTransfer – low res image in email
  • Four days in the office, one day from home

The Telegraph Magazine/Stella:

  • The Telegraph Magazine and Stella share a fashion team
  • Main competitors are The Times
  • Readership is global, predominantly UK and America
  • Demographic: ABC1, 40-50 age bracket, with strong income
    • Fashion, travel, plus health and fitness which are growing exponentially
    • Sustainability conversation important
    • A savvy and intelligent reader, proud to be British, that wants to know about the world without being dragged down
    • Independent brands are hugely important and loved by the reader
  • Exclusives are very important
  • Lead times: 10 days in advance for both publications
  • Regular slot: “Is it worth getting off the sofa for”. Tried and tested by staff

Top Tips:

  • Be on top of the news agenda
  • Essential to be familiar with specific weekly slots in the paper
  • Address each email to the right person, tailor and make it specific
    • Don’t blanket target everyone, they go straight to trash!
  • Gifting: food and drink always gratefully received
  • Case studies: popular, help reflect what’s going on in the news. Keep to bullet points and send to features team
  • Pitching: let the team know where in the mag you envisage the coverage running

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