The Perfect Photo Shoot


Always feels a bit awkward giving top tips. I mean you should probably give me some like ‘respond to your messages’ or ‘please refer to my previous email for the prices.’

But… the point of this column is for me to give some, so here are mine for facilitating a photo shoot.

Now budgets have shrunk, everyone in mag/paper/website land is under pressure to pull off shoots cheaply. So 5K-a-day studios are out and scrabbling around for a free photogenic ‘space’ is in.

Hence I recently did a shoot in Hershesons new (ish) hair salon. It’s a win win for everyone. The salon get coverage, I get a free location.

For this one I was aided by Hersheson’s PR company TCS. They were great. We were given an allotted space for hair/make-up/wardrobe, they were relaxed with the schedule, they provided coffee and a dedicated contact for all our needs (plugs, chargers, a handsome hairdresser happy to be in shot).

Shoots are messy, unpredictable things and a PR that understands this and works around it makes for a good result for everyone.