New Year, Big Change


In 2018 there was a lot of talk about how change was desperately needed in the fashion industry to make it more sustainable. In 2019 we’re going to see it happen.

This is good news for residents of this planet. And particularly good news for me as a contributing editor for, the digital platform for the ethical brand consultancy set up by Livia Firth.

Each month, I do an interview with a brand founder or designer about what they are doing at work and at home in the name of sustainability.

Mother of Pearl’s Creative Director, Amy Powney, has talked about the work lunch club where her team all sit down together to eat an organic vegetarian lunch. Nicolas Gerlier, the co-founder of sustainable French lipstick brand La Bouche Rouge, supported by LVMH and launching in Harrods this Spring, has told me about how their office goal is to produce only enough waste to fit in a small pedal bin.

Recently I spoke to Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilsonof Ace & Jig who find a use for each scrap of the custom yarn-dye woven textiles produced for their clothing line.

Next up is the glamorous New-York based Gabriela Hearst who uses deadstock fabrics for her luxurious collections.

So bring me your ethically-minded fashion clients and their ideas for living this year and let’s spread a little inspiration and positivity.