To The PR Kings & Queens


This is a thank you note to all you PR’s. Not for Christmas presents.

(Although gracias to those who sent them (Guerlain in particular – the blanket was DIVINE).

No, thank you for your perseverance, flexibility and good-natured responses when I cancelled pretty much every appointment in the last week before Christmas.

A combination of deadlines, illness and that thing called life meant I was nixing every diary entry. Which I imagine was pretty annoying.

But with no huffing from anyone they were rescheduled in the diary for early Jan. I will write about the products/places/people I see. We’re all winners…

On another note – I’m currently working on the Beauty Edit page for my magazine. It makes me realise the power of having a physical product in your hand.

I am so much more likely to give coverage to something I have tried and tested. What makes the cut? I ask myself 1) is it value for money? 2) Does it work 3) Can the reader get hold of it easily 4) Can I get hold of the price, stockist and image easily.