Thank You


Two such tiny words, but so often neglected.

Obviously the PRs I appreciate the most are the ones who help me most in my work: the ones who give me tip-offs about the best stories, who put me in touch with the right person, who find me the best quotes and supply the perfect images. That all goes without saying. We are, after all, professionals striving towards the same goal, to do our jobs as best we possibly can. The knowledge we have done a good day’s work is sufficient reward in itself.

And yet, and yet… Let’s not ignore human part of the equation: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the occasional word of thanks. It’s in our nature, I think.

I want to make clear that I am not talking physical manifestations of appreciation here. I don’t expect extravagant flowers or beribboned gifts – you think I work in fashion? - but a simple email is such an easy way to get yourself into my good books. “Thanks so much for including our client in your piece on Saturday. We really appreciate your support.”

That’s all it takes. If you want to throw in a bit of flattery at the same time – “such a well-written piece, and my, what a chiselled jaw you have in your picture byline” – feel free (but don’t go overboard – I’m not stupid).

I don’t think it’s entirely for reasons of my vanity that this is good practice. It also shows you are on top of your game. You are monitoring coverage, you are following things through. In short, you are being professional.