Do You Know Who I Am?


Possibly the world’s most nausea-inducing sentence. (I wonder if Eddie Redmayne used it when turned away from Rihanna’s Met gala after party?

I think, given his self-effacing style, probably not).

I’m currently stuck in Abu Dhabi because of an admin error made by Trailfinders with my Etihad airlines booking.

I have been booted off my flight and Trailfinders are currently trying to find an alternative, but the only ones are in 48 hours time, via Dublin or to the wrong airport.

I write for the travel section of The Telegraph. Do I play my journalist card? If you were the PR for Etihad or Trailfinders would you like to right the wrong? Or would you see it as a pathetic power play? Is it moral of me to ask for specialist treatment? Or would I be just working the system?

Not claiming to know the answer, just raising it for discussion.

In the meantime you can find me by the pool…