Last Minute Dot Com


Nobody loves a last minute request (unless it originates from Richard Madden and he’s asking you to accompany him to a Caribbean Island).

I’m sure, as a PR, your heart sinks if you receive a harried-sounding e-mail asking for quotes/products/images of your venue from 1909 to present day, right now, ASAP, preferably by return.

There is a temptation to immediately bat it back and say ‘sorry, no can do.’ And I understand that. Sometimes it really is too late or it would massively tip the scales on your work/life balance.

I get it.

But if you can feasibly do it, it is often worth rising to the challenge.

This week I’ve been visiting the Alps. My trip was over a weekend. I wanted to check out spas for my Sunday Telegraph column. I could only start planning the visits a week or so before.

So I emailed the UK PR’s. To make the review happen they had to request the information, appointments and transfers from the in house French PR’s speedily. And then chase them. Some did this (notably Perowne International and Heaven Publicity). Some didn’t.

The ones that did will see their spas reviewed in print/online. Simple.

It’s often worth accommodating a last minute request. Why? If a journalist is up against it they will most likely have less options and therefore your space/event/product will dominate.

Plus the journalist will massively appreciate (or they should do) your effort and it will nourish your long-term relationship.