Style & Substance


It is with a sinking feeling (but also a small amount of relief) that I realise I’ve booked a trip away during a week when most fashion brands have decided to hold their press days.

Not much I can do about that except request look books and information in the follow up.

Luckily, I will still be in town for a press day next week that holds extra draw. Stella McCartney is supplementing its showcase of next season’s new fashion lines for men and women with a talk from Claire Bergkamp, the brand’s Worldwide Head of Sustainability & Innovation.

What a great idea to add substance like this to the usual seasonal event. Rather than simply relying on the press team to convey information, there’ll be the chance to get it straight from the horse’s mouth – Bergkamp is the driving force in implementing Stella McCartney’s environmental and social improvement strategy and is therefore a leader in her field.

Some prominent people may hold that we’re all fed up of experts, but not this journalist.

The presence and input of leaders and brand creatives immediately adds gravitas and substance to an event.

Not to mention personality. In the fight for brand recognition, a human face and voice could be your biggest asset.