My Week... How Awks...


None of us want to have those conversations. You know the ones. Where you have to deliver news you know will be unpleasant or unsettling to the receiver. So sometimes you skirt around it. Or just hope it will go away.

Facing up to tricky discussions is part of being a grown up. Or a professional grown up anyway.

And if you are like me, sometimes you feel more grown up than others.

As a person, and as a journalist, I have learnt that in these situations it’s worth speaking out as early as possible.

So this is what I try to do.

But last week I failed. A month or so ago I was invited to meet Miranda Kerr at a Space NK event. I’d said yes please and wrote it in my diary. (The battering this would give my self esteem was out weighed by the nosiness factor of meeting a Supe who’d locked lips with Orlando Bloom).

Anyhow the event was coming up and I kept spotting it in my diary and thinking I know childcare/deadlines/life mean I am not going to make it, but I just can’t let gooooo.

So in the end I didn’t go and didn’t even cancel. Instead apologising the next day to the lovely Jini Sanassy (who was gracious). Rest assured readers I mentally flagellated myself for days.

At a similar time I was writing a piece for Stella that I was worried my editor at Red would see as a clash. ‘I could just wait and hope she doesn’t see it’ the devil on my shoulder said. Or I can tell her and explain my reasons my more diligent side said.

This time I did write the e-mail, pressed send and felt unburdened.

It’s good when PR’s practice early intervention too. Just say it. Your publication is not for our clients. This is not going to happen in the time frame. We have given the exclusive to someone else.

Phew, feels better doesn’t it?