Friday Q and A with Delilah Khomo


Delilah is Travel Editor at Tatler, previously Assistant Travel Editor at PORTER Magazine.

1. What makes you open an email from a PR?

Courtesy and curiosity.

2. Would you open emails from PR’s you don’t know?

Yes, definitely.

3. Do you answer your landline during a working day?

Yes, I’m way more of a talking-on-the-phone person, unless it’s deadline time and then I’m completely Do Not Disturb…

4. Do you like images within a PR pitch?

Yes, visuals are always great and they save having to email back to ask for some.

5. When is the best time for you to meet a PR?

Breakfast, tea in the office, or after work. Lunch is always really tricky for me.

6. And which day suits the most?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning. Any day but Monday!

7. What are your top 2 tips for a PR trying to secure coverage?

Know the publication and its franchises. Also, be flexible and understanding of when coverage would run (i.e. Porter only runs six times a year, so sometimes it means your coverage wouldn’t run until the following year).

8. Are you happy to be contacted via social media / what are the boundaries?

Yes, I think a DM on Instagram is fine.

9. Spirulina or Sauvignon?

Both – detox to retox naturally.

10. Stylist or The Spectator?

The Spectator.

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