National Lame Duck Week


Did you know this was National Doughnut Week. Of course you did.

I’m sure you have excitedly been eating nothing but Krispy Kremes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And thank the Lord for that or else the impoverished doughnut farmers of Peru would be wondering where their next meal was coming from.

Hopefully we can soon raise awareness of two other tragically overlooked products on World Gin Day (June 8) and World Chocolate Day (July 7). I can’t help feeling chocolate could be really popular if only more people knew it existed….

Call me sceptical, but I’m beginning to think that these promotional days and weeks are just lame fabrications of the marketing industry, trying to whip up excitement about things we already know all about and consume 365 days a year.

Telling me that if you laid all the chips eaten in a day end to end they’d stretch to the moon and back still doesn’t turn National Fish and Chips Day (June 7) into news. And I’m pretty sure people aren’t all waiting for International Coffee Day (October 1) before ordering their next flat white.

Someone at the Roxhill media event last week asked how you create excitement about a long established brand. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer, but I do know it doesn’t lie in Great British Pea Week (July 8-14) and the like. You are going to have to try harder than that.