Are You Sitting Authentically


This week a customer survey pops up while I’m on the website of a British clothing brand. What can be done to improve their site?

Perhaps they wanted feedback on the transaction process, but I took the opportunity to plea for more information about the provenance of their fabrics and their suppliers.

Turns out I’m not the only customer concerned. The next day I received a press release from GlobalData (see below), stating that “80% of UK customers think that retailers are not doing enough to address issues around sustainability and climate change”. It’s true.

They’re not.

Some of those retailers are no doubt your clients and they need to change their ways now – not just because of the absolutely massive climate change crisis, but also because customers will start to turn to those brands with more transparency.

This does not mean your clients should panic and green-wash. And it doesn’t mean being inauthentic.

I spoke to a PR last week who said one of their brands was making some improvements in sustainability and wanted to shout about it with a press trip to the countryside.

The PR felt this was premature- using a small percentage of recycled polyester does not make you Greta Thunberg – and she was worried the trip concept sounded like a clunky add-on.

What did I think? I said she was absolutely right!