A Great Pitch... It's All In The Tone


A month or so ago I got an email from travel PR extraordinaire Julia Pimentel asking if I would like to try the ‘Couture Brow’ treatment at The Lanesborough Club & Spa.

It’s a semi permanent treatment. (N.B. You and I might call it tattooing, but that is not exactly correct and besides it sounds a little too déclassé for The Lanesborough).

It’s performed by brow queen Suzanne Martin, who has joined the hotel’s ‘resident hand picked experts.’

It’s not an easy sell to journalists (hand over your face for some permanent markings…). Plus it’s tricky from a PR point of view. Julia represents the hotel, but this is essentially a beauty treatment. Is it best to approach travel or beauty writers? Travel writers might see this as too niche, beauty writers not give enough exposure to the hotel.

But Julia got it right. She knew I wrote about spas and beauty.

Her email was perfectly pitched. First she credentialed Suzanne well enough for me to trust her. Then her tone was reassuring, low pressure, relaxed, yet efficient and informative.

Once I had expressed an interest she was on it. Responding quickly. When I said I wanted to write about eyelash enhancement (subtly defining the lash line with ink) she was flexible and accommodating.

Even though the Couture Brow was her story, not the Couture Liner I requested, she made it happen.

And so it was I found myself on a bed in the Lanesborough having my lash line inked.

I have a story. And Julia will get some lovely coverage in Red.