It's Not Easy Being Green


Last week I received a parcel and someone had scrawled all over it in black marker pen ‘over packaging is a crime!’ The postman thought this the height of rudeness, but it did call out an essential truth.

Then on Instagram, I noticed a beauty journalist had thrown shade on a PR company for sending a tiny sample in a 6 inch by 6inch box packed with lots of protective plastic.

It highlighted to me that wastefulness and eco irresponsibility is now distasteful to most. So in the same way our increased knowledge of nutrition means you wouldn’t serve sliced white sarnies and Party Rings* at a press launch, we now know wrapping up your precious skin elixir/gin/beauty boosting powder in a load of bubble wrap is a no no.

And as for those polystyrene worms…

And rather than just lecturing you, I have to practice what I preach too.

I like to print out my pieces once I have written them and read them through for typos and for flow. Now I am trying not to do this (so apologies if some of this copy doesn’t make sense). And I have FINALLY, after five years, worked out how to print on both sides of my paper. (Wireless printing is obviously still beyond me.)

This week I was visiting a spa (Cloud 12, a spa come wellness centre in Notting Hill) and I asked for the brochure. ‘We don’t have one,’ said Jenya Di Pierro, the visionary co founder. ‘We’re trying to stay paper free.’

I love nothing more than a brochure. But I get it. I need to live without them.

That and ALWAYS remember my water bottle….