Persistence Pays - So Does The Odd Genius Idea!


I spend a lot of time feeling guilty about not having got back to PRs. You think I’m just ignoring you? Nope.

I’m waking up in the night perspiring beads of sheer embarrassment because I haven’t pitched the story I told you I would.

Why the heck not?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this one because I’ve been in a holding pattern for a month or so with the most patient of PRs, who has now probably got no hair left.

She has a New York client, a designer, who’s doing interesting new things in the market. I thought it had potential but something was holding me back from composing that email to my editor.

The PR kept in touch. She gently persisted. She wasn’t rude ever (and I probably deserved rudeness, to be honest, having failed to call her back several times).

Then she came up with a genius suggestion. Her client would be over in London in June and she proposed an “exploratory interview”. It was a great idea.

Although digital makes our world a small one, there’s nothing like meeting face to face. And what had been holding me back was that I just didn’t have a proper handle on the designer.

I didn’t have a sense of who she was and wasn’t confident about my pitch. But now I do. I’m pitching today. Fingers crossed.