What's The Package


It was something of a relief this morning to listen to the news and hear the boss of a British packaging company talk about how they were selling off the plastics branch of the business to concentrate on the massive demand from customers for recyclable and plastic-alternative packaging.

This is the kind of information that journalists want to hear from companies and brands at the moment.

Plastic Panic is real and positive steps to find solutions – whether that’s refillable products or innovations in materials is the good news they want to pass on.

Increasingly, people in PRs are telling me that they don’t want to work with brands that don’t have a green business plan. Everyone in the industry needs to be on their toes about this in terms of future-proofing the planet and future-proofing your business.

The brands with genuine green credentials will be looking for the PR company that understands their needs and upholds their values.

How is your office faring?

How would it score if, say, a brand like Patagonia came for a look round? Are you still sending out products en masse? What is the packaging made of? Consider your options.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say I don’t want a box full of Plastic Panic landing on my desk.