Myopic. We’re all guilty of being it. I certainly am. (I’d have the same thing for dinner every night if I could).

But in our jobs we need to be flexible and strategic right? There’s never a straight path to best end result. Always a curve ball (or ten) thrown in. And I think we should congratulate ourselves for handling these things beautifully….

When I worked at Elle we’d come across seemingly insurmountable problems. (Heidi Klum not wanting to wear a swimsuit for the cover of our swimsuit issue, Naomi being twenty-four hours late for an interview when we were on press.) When this happened my editor would say ‘yes, but what is the third way?’

When you are tasked with doing a launch it becomes all-consuming. I get it. Especially now journalists are practically chained to their desks. And budgets mean you have to cajole the venue to do it for half their normal price. And you need to make sure your client doesn’t have to shake anyone’s hand, but somehow manage it so they don’t look weird. Then a journalist (okay, usually me) me says they can’t come. They go on the no list. And it’s natural they get pushed to one side as you focus on the main event.

But I guess what I’m saying here is don’t write the journalist or influencer off. If I can’t go to something I generally ask for the information/press release to be sent post event. But I only get it 50% of the time.

Following up is worth it. Because even though I can’t go, I can still give it coverage.

PS Heidi wore a sheer gown…