Taking The Opportunity


Sometimes when I need to get straightforward information from a designer or a buyer and it’s not possible to talk to them face-to-face or on the phone, I do an email interview.

I did this last week for a feature with a quick turnaround that involved multiple voices. I emailed the Creative Director of a European luxury brand, not hopeful that with his schedule he’d have any time at all.

With more confidence, I also asked the founder of a New York-based brand in its first season some similar questions.

I was rather astonished and pleased when within a few hours the PR for the first individual came back with lively, in-depth answers, giving specific information about the pieces in his collection. A few days later, I got the responses from the new designer: a couple of lines, one of which was a one word answer.

Ok, well, it’s a gamble if you can’t get them on the phone, but I felt it was also an example of experienced professional versus a newcomer who needed guidance in how to talk about his work.

If I’d been the PR for the latter I would have called my client and pushed for further info.

As the more established designer seemed to recognise, all brands need to tell their story well. When the opportunity arises, make sure your client is doing a good job of telling theirs.