A Charity Case


The ultimate act of altruism right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Hacks are quite rightfully skeptical of brands that big up their philanthropic credentials, only for the small print to say they are giving only 0.001 % of purchase price.

We are not saintly on the other side. In magazines I’ve been in many a meeting where someone has suggested linking an event to a worthy cause to ensure celebs attendance/give the whole thing a feel good halo.

In scenes that were like something out of Ab Fab, we discussed who or what would be the biggest pull. Small children, cute baby elephants. You get it.

But sometimes a collaboration comes a long that feels authentic.

Last week a parcel arrived from Charlotte Tilbury with 11 new lipsticks and a press release that announced the donation of an incredible sum to charity. Charlotte was pledging £1million to Woman For Woman International.

Woman for Woman International is a charity that has helped almost half a million women marginalized by war and conflict. Developing their skills, improving their health and informing them of their rights.

Who can be cynical about that?