Getting Ahead Of Yourself?


Christmas in July. It’s a bit of a cringe right? I know you are wincing when you send over that invite. And that reminder e-mail. It seems so overly keen doesn’t it? So weird to be forcing thoughts of fairy lights and embellished clutches when it’s flip flop and Aperol weather.

And, I guess we are all asking ourselves – how relevant is it now – given so much has changed in media land and so much content is online and immediate?

Well, as a journalist who produces content for magazines, newspapers and online, I’d say very relevant. I filed copy for Red’s September issue almost a month ago so I can guarantee the editorial team are already thinking about the cover/food and gift sections of the December magazine.

Beautiful imagery, well thought out tested recipes, good editing and carefully crafted words take time and planning. A Christmassy cover involves endless negotiations with a celebrity agent, finding a snow machine and clothes that will be in the shops at that time.

So it’s not crazy.

We might all huff and puff about it and roll our eyes at the mince pies, but really, if we are to do our job well, getting information and products well ahead of time is essential.

So don’t be embarrassed – own it.

Happy Christmas all.