Trust your tribe


It’s so often the case that brands only have one spokesperson to put forward to press, but I’m always so inspired when I meet the people behind the public face.

So often these are the folk – I’m thinking particularly of fashion and luxury brands - getting the product made, working on the bench or in the studio.

For a journalist their insights and different perspective can provide valuable interest to a story, beyond the point of view of the CEO or director.

Recently, I was able to talk to some makers for a brand handmade in Britain and it was completely fascinating – not least because skilled workers and artisans creating luxury items are few and far between, as we all know.

It was so impressive that these young workers were skilled enough to create these prestigious pieces and it spoke to the brand’s values that they’d been trained up, while also adding human interest and personality to the story.

I was disappointed then to be told I wouldn’t be able to quote them in my piece. It’s an argument I’m still having so perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised and they’ll yield, but I think it’s an oversight.

A brand’s tribe is not just its customers, it’s also – more so - the people you employ.

Making them visible, giving them a voice, is a sign that your brand has strength and confidence. It might be in your clients’ interest to consider showing off their tribe more.