Only Connect


A PR emailed me this week by way of introduction. The subject of the mail was a designer I’m interested in so I opened it up. But then I read the first line, surmised that she wanted to meet and promptly closed the laptop.

I find myself in a time of the year where I cannot handle any more meetings. I have so much to write and work on that trying to shoe-horn in one-to-ones with new people is giving me severe anxiety.

But, as I said, I like her client. So a day later I sighed, opened the email again and read the whole thing. I got to the end. I read it again to check. And then a massive wave of relief passed over me.

The good woman didn’t want a meeting.


No meeting! Nothing further required of me at this stage!

All she wanted to do was make the connection, tell me who she worked with and give me some forward news for the autumn about her clients’ projects and products. I could have kissed her (if I’d met her).

I know I’ve said before how important face-time is, but not every day, every week, month in, month out. No one can do that and earn a living. And I know it’s a bonkers theory, but sometimes you can establish a relationship without coffee or breakfast or lunch being involved.

Sometimes a straightforward outline of information can be the start of a beautiful friendship.