Say, What!


Occasionally, just for the rush of FOMO, I open one of the emails informing me about some new customised vegan well-being programme at a luxury hotel on a Greek island, which a helpful/optimistic/stubborn PR sends to me, even though I’m never going to go or write about it because I AM NOT A TRAVEL JOURNALIST.

It can be a nice distraction on a low-key Tuesday morning.

Most of the time however I’m quite correctly sent emails about fashion, jewellery, photography and cultural events - all within my area.

But even these emails can be wildly off the mark. This week a PR sent me info on a new brand, suggesting I include a piece from the collection in any ‘upcoming shoots or celebrity dressing’ I’m planning.

Well, I’m not planning either of the above because I’m not a stylist and never have been. I write about fashion rather than shoot the visuals, so this kind of winds me up.

It’s not my ego asking “Don’t they know who I am?” but it does leave me confused.

I mean, a PR should know the difference, right? Is this a case of me being muddled up with someone else? Or are they sending out a blanket email to all fashion press thinking, ah well, that’ll do?

Or is this person just guessing at what a fashion journalist’s job might entail? (Being a stylist, apparently.)

I don’t know but it’s slightly worrying when a PR gets it so wrong. Make sure you and your team know the basics.