Can I Correct You?


Mistakes happen right? You miss the motorway junction (painful), you try and pay for a new dress with your Oyster (embarrassing), you accidentally email your boss (rather than your BF) with a diatribe about her to her (more embarrassing).

When mistakes happen on a print mag, that glaring error is there in perpetuity.

I’ve made a few like that. Wrong prices, wrong descriptions, wrong spellings and the time I shot Drew Barrymore in a Roberto Cavalli dress back to front for an Elle cover. (Roberto sent me a nice note politely referencing my unusual styling of his outfit).

There were a few major ones that were not my fault. The spelling of Kiera Knightley (or more accurately Keira Knightley) on another cover. The printing of the wrong year down the spine of a magazine.

Last week I wrote a piece for Red on my visit to the The Viva Mayr Maria Worth clinic. It’s a hardcore Austrian detox clinic where dinner consists of broth and a spelt roll hard enough to break a window at 10 paces.

Anyhow I filed the story to my lovely Red on line editor Roanna and within hours it was up. Well, it transpired I put in a link to the wrong Mayr clinic (there are a few).

Which was quickly flagged to the PR by the owner, then quickly flagged to me and quickly changed on Red. All within a few hours.

One of the massive benefits of on line publishing, right?


I’m just sorry again Drew…