Getting Intimate


This week I had lunch with Victoria Beckham.

Well me and 100 other beauty journalists/influencers.

She was launching her make-up range at Annabel’s in Mayfair.

It could have felt like a bun fight, a purely transactional event (attendance = coverage), but The Communications Store managed to make it feel intimate and celebratory.

I had a great time. And I’m thinking, if I did, all the others did too.

What was so great? Firstly, the location. The venue was new (ish) and exclusive enough to be exciting, but not so new you couldn’t find it.

It was held in the garden area, which was breathtakingly pretty (the rose covered tree was the highlight). All brilliantly Instagrammable.

The PR team had cleverly seated us at little tables –with friends or colleagues. So it already felt convivial. Bellini’s were in plentiful supply. Ditto rosé.

Victoria arrived after everyone was seated and sat on a stool in the centre of the room chatting with her business partner about her brand. She could be seen by pretty much everyone and it felt easy and natural, rather than being lectured at or sold to.

Then she made her way around the tables to say hello to us all, to talk about her venture and have her picture taken.

All this despite having a hangover (her fashion show had taken place the night before).

Not that you’d have known.

All in all an A+ event.