The Gift That Keeps On Emailing


I’m doing the Christmas Gift Guide for a weekend supplement and boy, does every PR in town know about it. This month my in-box is bulging with lots of lovely product and tons of ideas. Which is absolutely great. The system is working. We’re doing this thing. 

But can I just take the opportunity to issue a PR-wide appeal to please stop “checking in” about it. Please? I know that clients desperately want to be in gift guides and will give you hell if they’re not, but if you’ve sent me the products then you’ve already done a fabulous job.

I haven’t made my decisions for the pages yet and the reason that I haven’t replied to your email regarding whether I got your first email and was there anything of interest in it, is that a) I don’t know yet and b) I have 600 other emails asking me the same thing!

It’s not just me. Every journalist doing a gift guide for this season is doing many, many other things as well. But I can guarantee if they like your client’s product they will be in touch.

(Obviously at the very, very last minute with a request for a lifestyle shot that you don’t have.)

Until then, your work is done.