Party On


Today I got an invitation I said yes to without hesitation.

It came from My Wardrobe HQ, a new fashion rental website which specialises in hiring out designer clothes/bags at a fraction of the RRP.

So what made me take this one up with such enthusiasm?

Reason #1 - personal relationship. I worked with the team at My Wardrobe HQ recently and they were professional, fun and friendly. I know they’ll be good company.

Reason #2 - the invite came well in advance. Over a month ahead. Which helps with planning, and also to make you feel like you made their a list.

Reason #3 - the event itself. The invite is for the fashion awards. A high profile evening that I don’t automatically get to go to. The invite promises the presence of Naomi (who will be receiving the fashion icon award) so hopefully we can witness some diva behavior.

Reason #4 - you are offered the chance to choose an outfit from their site for the evening thus easing wardrobe anxiety. Yes please.

Reason #5 - they’ve teamed up with Inparlour. There’s the option to get glammed up pre do with this beauty on demand service.

Reason #6 - there’s the added bonus of a champagne fueled Prêt-à-Portea at The Berkeley. I mean….

So six great reasons to go and none not too.

Can’t even pull out the excuse ‘I don’t have a thing to wear.’

Pretty hard to resist, right?