Christmas Spirit


I’ve spent the last two weeks compiling a gift guide for The Observer Magazine. And a big thank you to all those of you whom in the last few days answered my ‘urgent’ pleas for hi-res imagery without calling me a drama queen.

I do realise that in actual life there is perhaps nothing less urgent than a request for a picture of an eyeshadow palette, but you know how we are at this time of year. As another journalist said to me this week, “There is no surer way of killing Christmas than by compiling a gift guide.”

Actually, I liked it. I received loads of brilliant suggestions from in-house and agency teams. And the reason why some products made it and others didn’t was because of two criteria: price and colour. Each category/page had a colour scheme for visual appeal.

And unlike some of the publications I work for this one demanded real life price points so I had to dismiss reams of suggestions immediately because this was not the place to put in 4-figure tags. Most items were under £50 with a very few luxury gifts thrown in because some people do like to splash out. Lucky them…

Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent ideas. It’s down to you that I haven’t completely run out of Christmas spirit.