In The Public Eye


There are some fashion designers who don’t like to be public figures. They prefer not to give interviews, they won’t provide comment for stories about their brand and they generally prefer to stay behind the scenes. That’s ok. I get it. Who wants to be photographed and interviewed and asked about their childcare arrangements? (Thankfully enough people to keep me in a job.)

A no-press creative sounds like a potential nightmare for a PR team, but elusiveness can also be an asset to a brand. Most luxury fashion labels know this and play on it so that should you be finally granted access to them, you’re made to feel like you have an audience with the Queen.

But in the place of no face-time or voice from a Creative Director, you’ve got to give the press something else. I remember once asking a British fashion brand for a quote from their very snazzy designer and they said no but here’s a picture of some shoes. Right. Thanks for that…

However, another British luxury house whose designer also likes to keep schtum have solved that problem. The detail that they provide about the way their products are designed and made, the story-telling that they achieve through collection notes (lines and lines about a single dress), their beautiful photography and interesting events means that sometimes you don’t even notice that the designer is not giving facetime.

Now, that’s clever PR.