Get Ready For Your Close Up


As weeks go, it was a strong start.

The Chanel PR team invited me to their boutique yesterday. They had had a genius idea to promote their S/S make-up collection.

They recruited ambassador and make-up legend Kay Montano to apply the new colours to beauty editor’s faces. And arranged for their hair to be coiffed by Josh Wood’s stylists.

Then editors were ushered on set to have their picture taken by Vogue photographer Nick Haddow.

This event was clever and appealing in so many ways….

The editors got…

A great picture of themselves by an A list photographer A chance to chat with make-up artist Kay Montano and get ideas for features. Great backstage picture opportunities, aka good for content for Instagram An opportunity to trial the new S/S collection (which might otherwise languish under desks). An excuse to meet and reconnect with the Chanel PR team. A feel good pampering session. (I mean who doesn’t like those?) For Chanel it

Reinforced Chanel’s desirability and credibility as a luxury leader Was a chance to reconnect with the editors Generated lots of social content Delivered assurance editors have tried and played with the new collection. Reminded editors of the fabulousness of the Bond St boutique. The picture Nick took was e-mailed to me within two hours.

I had done a post and an story on Instagram by that evening.

Oh and I fell in love with Chanel all over again.