Press Trips


What makes me say yes to a press event these days? Well, the desire to know more – I make my living from information, so if an event will lead to me meeting someone interesting or seeing a product that I can write about then that’s obviously going to be useful to me.

A lot can be done by email, but not everything - being up-close to the beauty of a Chanel haute couture collection that is only in London for three days, for example.

You have to be there to appreciate that. Unusual experiences still go a long way too. While I’m not saying no to a night in a luxury hotel, there’s an allure to less outwardly glamorous things. I’ll be attending the launch of a new candle range, illustrated by the artist Alexandria Coe.

Why? Because a) the PR is lovely b) I’m a fan of the brand c) I love the work of the artist AND – this is the clincher - it involves a life drawing class with Alex herself.

At a rather early hour (not sure I’ve drawn at breakfast since my daughter was a toddler), but what a lovely thing to do. And what a great example of a great brand event for press.