Beauty On The Inside


Beauty is nicer than fashion.

That’s what I was told when I started in magazines.

The fashion crowd were, I was informed, bitchy and competitive. Hangry from trying to fit into sample sizes.

The beauty department were kinder, softer, more rounded (literally as well as figuratively). It was the desk nervous interns or heartbroken colleagues gathered at. To be consoled with reassuring words and maybe a spritz of self esteem boosting fragrance.

The 20 plus years I’ve been in the beauty industry has confirmed that yes, we are nice. Which I mean as a compliment not an insult.

We sign off our e-mails with kisses. We worry if we are going to tread on toes or not going to be able to attend a launch.

And we like a love in with PR’s.

Clever PR’s realise we are all probably Highly Sensitive People (yes, it’s a thing). And we like to be liked. Which is why the latest press release from Imagination PR was genius.

It talked about Random Acts Of Kindness Day. This year it is the 17th Feb. The release was for the brand Bramley and reported that they will leave 500 bottles around the country to give strangers a boost on a cold day.

I chose a local single mum.

I feel good. She feels good. Bramley feel good. Imagination PR feels good.