What have I Forgotten


I live my work life with the constant dread that I have forgotten something – an appointment, a deadline, an interview! Probably because I have forgotten all three at some point (Flashback to my first job on a teen mag when I forgot to phone a popstar and my boss introduced me to the concept of a diary. I bought one. Didn’t mean I looked at it.)

I am ridiculously forgetful but last week I had a shock when having thought I had a clear few days of writing from home ahead of me, an email popped up headed: See You Tomorrow!

Wait, what? Tomorrow? Oh god, what had I promised? And what grovelling apology would I have to write? Hey, hope all is well, it continued. Just dropping you a note to say looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Oh god…

But then I scrolled on and realised I didn’t actually know the sender or the agency, I hadn’t made an appointment and I didn’t have to apologize. It was a strategy to get me to their press day. Annoying? Actually, I thought it was funny and I’ll remember them the next time – although I wouldn’t recommend doing it often and you’d better land on someone with a GSOH.

And not on someone with a weak heart.