The Follow Up


It’s always interesting to see the after-life of a story. Last week, I wrote about mending and repair for FT Weekend and had some interesting direct follow-up. One message was from a sustainable fashion designer who said she was just glad to read a piece on the subject matter; another from a woman who I’d interviewed for the article who does vintage repairs - she wanted to say thank you and to tell me she was investigating all the other services mentioned.

In terms of PR, sometimes there are effusive thank yous, bunches of flowers, sometimes there’s not even an email. But most often there are emails from PRs who suggest you write exactly the same article again, but this time including their clients.

Sometimes, you get a more sensible take on that, as I did this week in the form of an intelligent email introducing me to a German brand that repairs cashmere for a not-for-profit basic admin fee – all in the name of sustainability.

Will definitely be keeping that brand at the forefront of my mind. It’s a great example of brand values extending beyond the product - and the profit margin.