Affordable Isn't A Dirty Word


I’ve been doing some round ups of spas for The Telegraph. One of the categories we are talking about is ‘affordable.’

Affordable is not as easy as luxurious or beautiful or high tech - because whilst the later three are all subjective too, affordable gets people riled in a different way.

What might be one person’s affordable is another person’s eye watering. It’s a contentious subject. Also - as a hack - it involves putting in some hard yards.

Okay, lets get real, it’s not like being a war correspondent - but you have to weigh up the value of the offering. The sheets might not be Frette and the shower not power, but the room is half the cost. The massage bed not heated and the pool absent, but then so is an extra zero on your bill.

And so it is I start my search. I want spas that provide great service despite being less spenny. Spas that have good value packages. Spas that have that delicious ‘secret discovery’ vibe.

Somethings you can compromise on for less spend (marble, floor space, magically moving bed) but somethings are non negotiable (quality therapists, punctuality, warmth, politeness).

I always have deep respect for PR’s that can take a less glamorous, less exciting brand and make it interesting to journalists.

What’s the nugget of interesting research/info/back history that will make their eyes light up?

What’s the event that’ll convince a hack a product is worth a try or a spa worth a visit?

Because whilst luxury is always appealing, and glamour seductive, affordable is most reader’s secret wish.

Any spas that fit the bill (literally), please send them through.